Product Sustainability

Giles Martin

Recycling responsibly

We provide customers with a variety of options for recycling their retired products, including helping locate nearby e-waste facilities and paying for products to be shipped back to us. We consciously design packaging that prioritizes materials accepted by curbside recycling programs. For example, we are removing lamination from our packaging to enhance recyclability and recoverability.

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Packaging with care

A comprehensive approach to product circularity must include packaging. Our sustainable packaging solution uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified kraft paper. In FY23, 73% of new product packaging contained sustainably sourced content. By FY25, we aim to use at least 90% post-consumer recycled content, FSC-certified fibers, or recyclable plant-based fibers in our new packaging.

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Increasing energy efficiency

In FY23 we developed more efficient hardware and software making Era 100 and Era 300 our first plug-in models to reach under 2 watts when idle. The Era product line also features power-saving capabilities which we’re aiming to implement across all new devices to lower energy consumption.

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Giles Martin

Giving products a second life

The Sonos Certified Refurbished program extends the life of products, meaningfully reducing waste and environmental impact. Backed by our standard warranty, every Sonos Certified Refurbished product undergoes thorough testing to guarantee Sonos quality and comes newly packaged with all its included accessories. As proud members of 1% of the Planet, we donate a portion of all Certified Refurbished sales to high-impact nonprofits focused on environmental preservation and restoration.


Modernizing our materials

By transitioning to post-consumer recycled plastics and reducing the use of hazardous materials, we are making our products more circular. Era 100 and 300 both feature more than 40% of post-consumer recycled plastics, minimizing our reliance on virgin plastics and lowering our environmental impact.

Giles Martin

Creating products that last

Designing for longevity with internet-connected devices means focusing on hardware and software. We have developed a new approach to product design and construction that uses fasteners rather than adhesives, making them easier to repair, refurbish, and recycle. In addition to physical longevity, we keep product software updated with bug fixes and security patches for many years.

Giles Martin
Giles Martin

Supply chain responsibility

Building productive and long-term relationships with suppliers is essential to the growth and success of our business, which is why we joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. As Affiliate members, we align our supply chain approach to RBA guidance, including incorporating the use of shared audits and other crucial transparency tools that reduce risk across the tech industry.

Read our Product Environmental Reports

As we continue on our sustainability journey, we're focused on addressing the total environmental impact of our products — from manufacturing and transport to use and, ultimately, end-of-life. Our Product Environmental Reports provide data-driven insights on the sustainability performance of specific products.

Read our Product Environmental Reports