Product Sustainability

Recycling responsibly

We provide customers with a variety of options for recycling their retired products, including helping locate nearby e-waste facilities and paying for product to be shipped back to us. Our updated packaging also includes How2Recycle labels that explain exactly how to dispose of certain materials.

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Packaging with care

A comprehensive approach to product circularity must include packaging. In FY21, we undertook a significant update to our packaging design to better align with our sustainability objectives. The solution uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified kraft paper and was first introduced with the launch of Sonos Roam. By FY25, we aim to use 100% post-consumer, FSC-certified, and recycled plant-based fiber paper.

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Increasing energy efficiency

In FY21 we developed more efficient hardware and software to make Roam the most efficient speaker in our portfolio, consuming just 1 watt when idle and 0.1 watts when asleep. We also implemented new power monitoring software that helps us track how software updates impact a product's energy consumption before launch.

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Modernizing our materials

By transitioning to post-consumer recycled plastics and reducing use of hazardous materials, we are making our products more circular. We've also implemented a solution to give batteries in our portable speakers another life, sending them to a third-party partner that can recycle the material to be used in cathode development.

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Creating products that last

Designing for longevity with internet-connected devices means focusing on hardware and software. This past year we developed a new approach to product design and construction that uses fasteners rather than adhesives, making them easier to repair, refurbish, and recycle. In addition to physical longevity, we keep product software updated with bug fixes and security patches for many years, even maintaining two operating systems so we can continue to support older products.

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Supply chain responsibility

Building productive and long-term relationships with suppliers is essential to the growth and success of our business, which is why we joined the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. As Affiliate members, we will align our supply chain approach to RBA guidance, including incorporating the use of shared audits and other crucial transparency tools that reduce risk across the tech industry.

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Read all about our efforts

Learn more about our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in the 2021 Listen Better Report, where we share detailed information on our broader initiatives regarding sustainability, supply chain responsibility, giving back, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and disclose the progress we've made in the past year.

Giles Martin Download the 2021 Listen Better Report (PDF)